i really think my heart is going to explode from happiness and halloween candy! (i live with two other americans that got packages this week.. licorice and kit kat galor!)

so a sister from another area, s. delgado came to stay with us monday night because she needed to go pick up her new comp the next day. so she left to work with us. shes from argentina and shes sooo great! and.. it was a miracle she stayed with us! we went back to go teach  luiz and osilina our couple from haiti.. the ones that speak spanish. wich was great because her and sister sotelo were able to teach them.. it was SO great. luiz was like.. i have known these things are true for a long time. ive just waited for my wife to accpet them too. we invited them to be baptized next month. and they accpeted. osilina cried. she calls us her “amorlos” wich isnt portuguese but shes trying to call us her loves hahahhaha. it was seriously the greatest thing ever. such a miracle! yay spanish speakers! they have to get married first but thats the only thing in the way. we taught luiz last night too. .he was like.. i know that days are passing by and we never know when our lives will end. im praying to find the money to get married soon. i NEED the gospel in my life. my heart broke. they are trying to put together money to pay for everything and bring their kids to brazil and now get married. but they are faithful it will all work out.
I dont know if you remember a few emails backwhen i talked about the guy we taught on his front door step and he cried? we went to teach him and his wife this week. they are soooo fancy! shes an architect and their house is sooo sweet! plus… they are elect. they have a 6 month old little girl and they are really interested in bringing the gospel into her life. so so so excited.
AND my young women!!! i ahvent taught alot of youth on my mission but these past 2 weeks we have 3 new young women we are teaching. they are incredible. ana, the grand daughter of a less active. and now leticia and we also met iara! i love them with all my heart. they are amazing.  its been so fun teaching youth!
we planned to walk to go get leticia for church.. and iara lives super far away so we arranged for a member to give them a ride. we were stoked for church. because also… luiz and osilina didnt have to work! they work every sudnay but one every month. we wake up… go get leticia.. but her mom was like.. she already left! which was weird.. because she was nervous to go by herself.. so we walked to church fast to see if she walked alone… we get there and im like.. wait.. why has the meeting already started? its only 8:45 its starts at 9! all four of us were like.. what is happeneing.. then sister sotelo was like.. oh my gosh you guys i dont believe it. TIME CHANGE!!! SO embarrasing!!! we walked in 10 minutes before sacrament ended! leticia was sitting my some mebers and ana too.. all of our investigators were there.. and for you serving missions you know how rare it is to have investigators at church! and we all showed up late! everyone looked at us and just started laughing. they knew why they moment we walked in.. yep thanks members for calling us and giving us a heads up! hahahahahha sooo embrassing! this is what happens when president puts 4 foreigners in one area. LOST. we are obviously super responsible. its because our iphone 10 doesnt change by its self.. thats a joke you guys our iphone 10 is really a rock and someone painted numbers on it. #missionprobs
But our youth loved church. and i love them! seriously the yare amazing. andre our hippie friend went again to church! he is loving it. we are seriously teaching so many amazing people. we are being so blessed this transfer.
quote of the week.
i was washing the dishes… then out of no where sister gage comes runningin the kitchen! “NO I FORGOT!!” she opened the oven and a smell of burnt pizza filled the room! “DANGGIT!!!” she hurried and took it out of the oven. then she was like sister george shut your eyes! then she just starts prayiong. “heavenly father im so sorry i burnt the pizza but i really dont want burnt pizza please dont let it be super burnt.” i was dying laughing! and she was seriously on the verge of tears.  hahahhahahahahahhahaha shes seriously such a freak. i lvoe her so much. she ended her prayer and took a huge bite.. “its not that burnt!! YESS!” then walks away.  ohhh sister gage. how i love that girl.
thats our week! SO much happiness!:)
love you all!!:)
-sister george

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