I Will Go And Do!

this week was too good. summer is definetly here. it was super hot. we are all dead! these hills plus the sun.. its a work out! but we saw so many miracles.

 1 nephi 3:7
 I will go and do the things which the lord hath commanded, for i know that the lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.
sooo in our mission we have a goal. (our commandment hahah)  to find one new family every day .. it used to be one new person.. but president is realy pushing us so we can see miracles. being in the south of brazil is alot different than other missions. the south is known for  “no baptisms” he is really trying to teach us that it doesnt matter where we serve. its how we serve. so he has promised that if we find one new family everyday, invite them to be baptised on the first lesson we will begin seeing miracles in our mission. Its hard.. like super  hard.. .there are some days when you tract for hours looking for someone new to teach.and we dont go to any lessons until we have found a new investigator!
so one night at midnight i woke up to sister sotelo hysterically crying.. she had a super sharp pain in her back and couldnt move. she wanted to wait a little to see if it got better. but it didnt so we had to take a taxi to the hosptial… they did  a bunch of exames to see wha tit was.. but everything came back normal and the pain went away.but we didnt get back home until 9:30 in the morning. we were EXHAUSTED. we slept for an hour before we had to  go to lunch at amembers…  she was supe rdrugged still hahahha. but we ate.. after she looked at me and was like.. “but what about our new investigator today?” our area is huge. we dont have time to waste. we walk a ton and we organize everything to have time to do everything.. even a few hour set back really messes with our program ahhahah . but there was no way we could work today. we needed to rest. i just looked at her and was like.. “i dont know.. but i know that god knows what we can and cant do.. he  will make up for the rest.” i know this seems little… but little miracles are great too 🙂 we left the members house and went to iaras just to confirm a lesson with her later the week. we got to her house she lives 3 minutes away from where we had lunch.her mom was like.. iara is at a neighbors! the neighbor lived close by.. we went there.. turns out the neighbor is the same lady we had talked to about a month ago at a bus stop. seh had a lot of interest in hearing our message but when we tried her house she wasnt home. today she was home .. .with iara! they let us in and we taught them and her family. they accepted the baptism invite. i left the lesson full of gratitude.  heavenly father knew we didnt have the forces to knock doors in 95 degrees today… so he used what we could do! we had already talked to her .. and he inspired us to visit iara.  it was SO cool. i know God will never give us more than we can handle. he doesnt require the impossible. i know that he will always prepare the way for us even in the small simple things in our lifes.. we just need to do our part and trust him 🙂 sister     sotelo is good now! they think its muscle spasms! so thats good news…  and iara is reading the book of mormon everyday and went to church again. shes so great 🙂
     another little story.. we had lunch with a less active member for the first time. she has always had a strong testimony.. but 2 years ago left the church because of some problems iwth a member. her 29 year old son passed away in a car accident just about a year ago. shes such a happy person.. the type you would never have guessed has suffered so much. sister sotelo asked what has helped her. she said. “losing a child is the reality of another mothers worst nightmare. my ground was ripped from underneath me. but under my own capacity and my own ground was the foundation  i built on christ many years ago. he is literally the only thing that keeps us up. because there are things in this life that you literall ycannot do alone.”
   helaman 5:12
remember remember, that it is upon the rock of our redeemer who is christ, the son of god, that ye MUST build your foundation.——
——    because of th erock which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they CANNOT fall.
we never know what the future holds.. but we can have 100% trust that if christ is our foundation in al lwe do… we will have the strength to face all that lies ahead 🙂
 some cool experiences from this week 🙂 anothe super awesome exerience…
we were on the bus yesterday.. and sister sotelo was on the edge seat laughing and talking up a storm.. the bus made a sharp turn.. and she went FLYINNG. hahahahahahhahaha she screamed and fell and slid to the other side of the bus and was under the seat on the other side on the ground legs up in the air! hahahahahhahahahahha EVERYONE o nthe bus was dying laughing. sister gage and i tried to get up to ehlp her without falling too and we couldnt because we were laughing. it was so embarrasing and so funny. oh my gosh. i dont know what this girl will do without three huge americans to hlep her out when she biffs it.
anywho. love you all lots! just a heads up… my last week to email will be next week. thanks for all you do!
sunburnt and exhausted but happy sister george 🙂

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