I don’t know why people say goodbye, I say hello!:) 

I cant believe this is my last time i will be sending out an email! 18 months FLIES. 
This week was really great.. really hard.. and amazing… ya know, just how missions are 🙂 
osilina and luiz are great! we are organizing their wedding so they can be baptized next month. they are the best. ill never forget walking up a huge hill with a bunch of stray dogs to see them waiting by the window for us evey monday night. and when they see us they get all excited and wave! then osiliana hugs us and with her cute broken portuguese says: “OI AMOIYYY!!!” i love them with all my heart! im so excited for them 🙂 
I know I only have 20 years…. but you would sometimes think its 80! hahaha ive had alot of hip issues on my mish. but its gotten alot better! its been months since ive had problems. then one day this week we were walking past a super rich part to go up to the hills to go tracting. We love the rich people too.. but its hard tracting there… they are never home and they arent as open to hear our message… but the nout of no where i huge pain shot up my hip. the same pain i had months ago! its super weird.. but i just had to stop for a second.. then it went away… i took a step to walk and it shot up again. we were a good hour away fro mhome.. and a mountain away from where we wanted to tract. i was like.. now what! hahahah me and sister sotelo looked at eachother then looked at the mansion in front of us.. shrugged.. and rang the door bell (which is when you know its fancy.. doorbells dont exsist here.. you have to clap outside the gate… but they had adoorbell on the huge gate!) a super angry lady came out.. seh wanted nothing. hahahah so we hobbled to her neighbor. iwas in so much pain! her neighbor came out and immediately let us in. shes the cutestthing ever. shes a young mom and told us ever since her son was born 5 months ago she has been looking for a religion. she has felt like she needs to find truths and follow them! it was SO great. we taught her teh restoration.. seh loved it. and she was like. “im so anxious to pray aboutthis. and find out that its true!” we invited her to be baptized once she recieved her own testimony and she responded. “OFCOURSE!” we left… and i had zero pain in my hip! i walked the rest of the week with no ´problem. God really works in mysterious ways. we never ´planned to knock that street! it didnt even cross our mind. im excited to see how itgoes when we teachher this week 🙂 
iara is still doing great too 🙂 we are seeing so mnay miracles. ive never had so many miracles in one transfer. i love this area. i seriously cannot believe this is my last week. then monday we have a training for going home.. tuesday ill be getting on the plane! my heart is breakingin a million pieces and at the same time im so excited for the next step. and to see my family and eat cereal. its been a hard, amazing, hot, fun, exhausting, miracle filled 18 months. this week will be bitter sweet. 
acts 18:11.
and *she continued there a year and six months, teaching the word of god among them…
But little did i know how much they would be teaching me 🙂 
Love you all more than sunscreen and cold water!:)

thanks for all the love and support. ill see you all next week!! 🙂

sister George


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