Tchau sister ferreira 8(

This Week was a blur!

We got transfer calls thursday!!! sister fs first transfer call.. .and she has 7 months on the mission! 5 transfers together FLEW by. the other sisters came bursting throught the front door and sister rocha starts yelling… PRESIDENT CALLED SISTER POMPONIO IS GOING TO BALNIEARIO (which is the prettiest city ever.) she was like.. HES CALLING YOU GUYS NOW!! and sure enough the phone started ringing. sister f grabbed the phone and started running aorund like a crazy person and just started cyring hahahhahahahahah we were like ANSWER THE PHONE WOMAN! so hilarious.
shes going to stay in joinville but a different zone! so she will be doing a white wash… and wait for it.. TRAINING!! ahh! she will be getting a new missionary! im so so excitedfor her. but i am so so so sad we wont be comps anymore. i LOVED serving with her. i never imagined staying with one comp for 5 transfers would be fun… but it was a blast. i lvoe her. shes such an amazing missionary and person. i am going to miss her. but i cant be selfish and hog sister f! shes going to bless so many more lifes! im so grateful for my mission and all the friendships i have made.. i have truly been blessed with only the best companions and room mates. OH how i love the mission.
I honestly cant remember this week! its been emotional!
BUT funny story
Half of our areas water shut down…. hundreds of houses with no water! for almost 2 days. but they have emergency water.. but then that ran out too…. businesses even had to shut down for a few days… my goodness. you dont realize how water is a blessing until you dont have it!!! dishes piled cant cook. or shower… or even brush your teeth! so i took some soap to the church… the churhc was the half of thecity that still had water.. and i took a half bath in a sink. hahahahhahaha and then sister f and i filled up huge buckets of water. and.. just for you to understand how weak sister ferreira is.. she thinks im hulk. hahahhahahahah so just imagine we had 5 minutes to make it home by curfew and huge buckets of heavy water walking down dirt filled streets in skirts. SO EMBARRASING. but so hilarious. she splashed water all over her sefl on accident. and it was soooo cold! just imagine this scene.. we were dying laughing. only on the mission these things happen. we had to stop every 30 seconds. but we made it home.. and on time. holla! and then after our treacherous journey we opened the door and the sisters looked at us.. and were like.. oh yeah we forget to tell you.. .the water came back on.
i took a bath in a sink for nothing.
also.. another sister f moment.. .she biffed it down the stairs on sunday at church. ive never seen anyone get up so fast. once i saw she was okay we just burst out laughing. shes super smooth…you have no idea. hahahahha OH i am going to miss her!
also… today we woke up at 4 am to get my new comp… it was freezing! her bus showed up but she didnt! we called or ZL…. he was like.. oops! she comes in tomorrow not today. our luck this week… my goodness. hahahahahah
anywho! im excited to tell you all about my first week with a new comp! should be interesting! ive had the same comp for 7 months!
lots of love!
-sister George
1 we taught neide how to make cookies! brazilians LOVE chocolate chip cookies

What a Licey sunday

his week was insanely fast.. as always.. but this one FLEW by! transfer calls are this week… who knows if anything will happen… lets see if sister ferreira and I stay together 6 transfers! all i know is i dont want to be transfered! i love this area!!

Im now teaching taylor swift.. so thats pretty cool! hahahaha shes 19 her name is hellen but she looks like she could be taylor swifts sister.
one day when we were leaving to go do contacts we passed monicas house.. we havent been able to teach her. she was sitting outside and told us she doesnt want to continue meeting with us. UGH!:( she said her life is just super busy. she wants to meet with us one day.. but i guess todays not taht day. and then we went and visited gisele the same day.. its been about a month shes never home. she also told us she wont be meeting with us anymore because sehs too scared to change religions. MY HEART BROKE. gisele knows the book of mormon is true and loves temples. we first met with her in april and ahve had so many amazing experiences with her. its the worst feeling ever knowing they know its true and wont change. we walked away with heavy shoulders.. literally and figuratively… because they both gave us back their copies of the book of mormon.. which arent light. and im not gonna lie we cried a little too! Im hopeful one day their paths will cross with future missionaries…
We got to go to festa julina! president let us go because there were a ton of investigators! there were more vistitors than members!
I dont really know why they celebrate this… i dont know the history behind it. but its a party brasilians have in july and everyone dresses up like farmers and they have a ton of food and carnival games! They had sweet corn….. pop corn… sweet rice.. pinhão which is this nut thing that is sooo good! they boil them with salt! and cotton candy! jsut that the cotton candy was with regular non flavored sugar…. but I beat the entire ward at musical chairs.. not trying to brag or anything..buuuut it was pretty sweet. and so much fun!
Sunday was a disaster!!!! i wont use names… but a lady we used to teach came. which was super great. we were really excited! then during relief society she just got up and left and was like.. ill come back soon! i thougth she was just going to the bathroom… but she never came back! and after sunday school her two little girsl were like.. wheres my mom?!?! she straight up bailed and left her kids there in primary! and the worst part.. her kids are awful! so we sat them with members during sacarment to watch them. and we tried calling her and calling.  they were so loud the whole time. those poor members. she didnt answer. she came back 15 minutes before the meeting ended reeking with alcohol. then she grabbed one of her daughters.. sprawled her out on the floor and started picking out lice from her head! In the middle of sacarament!!!!!  like two wild monkeys!!! sister ferreira was like.. do you wnat to pick her up? she did.. but continued picking out lice!!! and my goodness… everytime she parted that little girsl hair… swarms of bugs!! and she was flicking them all over the place! and when the other one started crying she just started yelling saying she wanted to learn about god! it was a DISASTER. all the members kept lookikng back.. alot got up to help. but then there was a group of teenages crying they were laughing so hard…. oooo just wait. they are laughing now but here in a few years they will be out in the mission field.. and karma is a real thing. hahahahhaha. we were counting the minutes for the meeting to end. finally sister f grabbed one of the little girls and put her on her lap! and locked her there with her hands. the other sisters were like.. thats breaking a rule! and sister f just shot them a look like… all rules are out the window right now hahahahahha ti was hilarious! after she left a member came up to us asking if we were okay and sister f just burst out crying! hahahahahhahahahahah in the momnet it was so bad but now its hilarious. i never thought i would witness such an insane meeting. then at night when we were saying our prayers together sister f was like… we are grateful for sacarment meeting we had today… then she paused and i just burst out laughing in the middle of the prayer! ahhahahahahha i will never forget that lady picking the lice out of her daughters hair. and flicking it all over the place…. “dont worry hers doesnt spread!” yeah right. hahahahha
i guess we will find out soon right?
yeah but that was my hectic week! Much love!
i thought i should send some pictures of our area.. things that are normal to me now that are super weird for you all! bananas on the side of the road.
and these are the invites to festa julina! we were SO excited president let us go!!!

S’more Of What?

This week was so great! The weather was perfect! sunny and not blazzing hot. i like that!
Tuesday was Sister F´s Birthday. I woke up and made a classic american breakfast.. hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, pancakes. the sisters loved it! brazilians think we eat this kind of breakfast everyday! they had never eaten bacon plain and hashbrowns. The smell Reminded me of saturday mornings at Omi´s house! (obviously my cooking is no where as good as hers.. but for being in brazil.. it was pretty good.)

We are probably going to have to move josues baptism date. which is sad but good. just for him to have some time to prepare and stop smoking. We had a lesson with him.. and he started talking about how he wants us all to fast together to help him to stop smoking. it was so cool.. especially because this time it was his idea! we lost track of time i looked down at my watch and i was like.. no way.. it was 5 to 9. we prayed and then booked it home. hahahahahha bishop was laughing at us. we looked ridiclous… yet again… 2 girls in skirts booking it home just to make it by curfew. but we made it! my tights were to my ankles by the time we got home. hahahahhahahahahahhahaha cold weather probs

to top of our day and sister fs birthday i made them smores! my mom sent me marshmellows and grahm crackers.. two things they dont have here! They LOVED them! we made a mess! they keep asking me to make more…. too bad we dont ahve a fire. i actually have a story about that.. but its one of those after the mission stories. hahahahah but mircrowaves work good too 🙂

One day we walked home to get more water.. which we never do. we passed the same house we pass everyday that is on the property of our apartment building. as we passed i was like.. “hey do you think the elders already knocked here?” sister f- “im sure they have!” me-“yeah.. lets knock agian?” sister f- “yeah why not!” so we did. normally houses by our apartment and the road of the church have been over knocked… to the point people see us out of their window and hide! hahahah but we knocked this house (taht we can literally see out of our bedroom window) and a guy came out. he was like… “ahhh i was sleeping”. great way to start off right? hahaha. he was nice.. but wasnt interested. then he was like.. “ya know but i think my wife might be interested.. she likes this kind of stuff. she works across the street at the car shop her names monica.” so obviously we went! we walked into the noisy car shop… asked for monica.. found her.. and she didnt seem to thrilled. but she was like.. hold on i cant hear anything! we walked out side with her. she just looked down at the invite and was like.. mormons?! her attitude changed. she was like.. “ya know.. i was taught 20 years ago by two elders…. and ive lived in this house now for months.. and everyday i have watched elders pass by and recently you guys.. .and ive always wanted to talk to them but i was too embarrased. so i just prayed they would find me. then you guys came.. and girls are alot easier to talk too… and one day when you guys passed by i almost built up the courage to talk to you but didnt. i just hoped you would tlak to me!” If you could just imagine our faces at this point. I have always heard stories like this! it felt like a dream!!! it was so great talking to her. she invited us back the next day. we taught her. invited her to be baptised. and she accepted. I am SO grateful that our heavenly father is leading us to where we need to go. It was such a miracle. i am so excited to keep working with her!

I dont know if you remember how i said we knocked doors sunday night in the rain last week? well one of the ladies that we talked to invited us back.. and we went. her name is josie and she is a ball of sunshine! the first night we talked to her she didnt leave her house but was like.. come to the window! she looked at me and said.. whoa i know you! but we had never met. she asked us to come back. she is so great! fire red hair and green eyes and im guessing about 5.3 shes 71 and looks 48! she took us to show us her back yard. it was AMAZING. it is this cute little garden full of life! she was like.. watch this… she put some water in the bird feeder and imediatley a hummindbird flew over. she was like.. this one knows me! and he sure did! he sat right on her thumb and drank the sugar water our of her hand! i have never seen anything like it. like they were best friends! there were about 30 other humming birds.. ive never seen so many in one place. and tons of other kinds of birds… bright yellows and neon blue and green. it looked like a scence out of a movie! we taught her the restoration and the plan of salvation this week. and shes reading the book of mormon. we are being blessed with such amazing people to teach! she is loving it. shes one of the happiest people i have ever met. the type of person you want to spend more time with. she loved the plan of salvation. it was so spiritual. she was like.. so many questions ive had for 71 years are now being answered. then she asked if its because we knew eachother before this life and thats why i looked familiar to her. ah. shes the greatest. this week was amazing. and to top it off she made a blonde joke.. and it was towards sister ferreira hahahahhahaha shes sassy too!

Another miracle! so a member in our ward has a daughter who has been less active for years. we ran into her husband about a month ago at a bakery. he told us they have been inactive for years.. but invited us to go visit them. but they are super busy. all the time! but we finally got to visist them this week. their story is incredible. her first interaction with the church was two elders knocked on her door.. she invited them back.. when they went back.. she hid and didnt answer the door. (story of my life. haha) 7 years later she was visitng her mom.. he mom told her she has been visitng a new church.. she tagged along. got to church.. saw two elders and made the connection. goodness its the same church taht i hid from 7 years ago! she immeditely felt impressed god was giving her a second chance. she and her husband were soon baptised. they stayed strong in the church but not so strong financially. they passed through alot of hard times but always paid tithing. then one day an opportunity to buy a chicken company came up. but meant they would have to work sundays… they prayed. and took the job. because of hours they had to go to a different ward that met at 1 pm to still work. and continued paying tithing…they were abundantley blessed! exhausted but doing their part. i wont tell everything. but they had some issues with some leaders.. and stopped going to church and stopped paying tithing. she told us. everything stopped. work got awful.. she said it was like all the blessing were taken away in a snap! they still worked and stayed inactive for 4 years. but they still made their kids go to church… they had never lost their testimonies. then a few months ago their little 6 year old daughter came home upset from church. “mom, when are you going to go back to churhc? everyone keeps asking who my mom is.” she knew she needed to go back and that she wasnt doing her part. they prayed for a miracle and a way to sell the company. a few weeks later a huge and unexpectable over came up for a new company that didnt work sundays. they accepted and sold the chicken company. and sunday… they went to church!!!! ahh. it was the coolest thing ever. their three kids had the biggest smiles on their faces. those kids are the best missionaries i know!

This week was so amazing. we saw so many miracles! im so grateful for all the people i am meeting and the experiences im seeing. I know that everything happens for a reason and that God loves us and has an individual plan for everyone of us!

thanks for all being so great!:) love you bunches!
-sister George
1. What would life be without giraffe cardigans? when i went to buy this the lady working there was talking to me about my accent and where im from. as we talked i saw this and i was like.. “i love giraffes!” she was like.. “Yeah they have alot there where you are from right?!” hahahahahahhahahahha peoples ideas of the states crack me up. but i never thought iwould hear this one! giraffes roaming the streets hahahahahahaha.

2. the night we had to book it home sister f lost her name tag.. we found it the next day in the mud!S

I like your chicken

My mom sent me a package… and she sent me flinging flamingos.. sister f loved them….. i filmed a video of the sisters saying “thank you ms rachel!” then after sister f wanted to try to speak more english.. she was like ” i like…. uh.. your chicken.” hahahahahaha she always freezes up! i was dying laughing. first of all they are flamingos.. not chickens… and its hilarious.

The crisis here in brazil seems to be getting worse. our investigators that normally are fine with money have been selling their shoes.. clothes.. .perfume everything just to buy diapers and milk for their son. it broke my heart. but they are so funny at the same time. they are a young married couple… he is less active and shes our investigator.. we went over there to teach them.. and they didnt have food so they fried flour and sugar to make these little cake things.. but then they ran out of oil and sugar.. she was like.. alright.. heres the game plan. you go to the back and ask our neighbor for a little oil and ill walk to our other neighbors and borrow some sugar.. okay go! hahahah they were dying laughing like.. man… we are super poor right now. i loved how they laughed about their situation. she found work but she wont get paid until next week. its been rough here. but.. its been incredible that during this time they even said.. we have been alot closer to god. its sad that we need to be humbled to finally act. they are progressing well! i love them!
Last week we were passing a lady in the street and just said good morning! she stopped like she wanted to talk to us.. so we did.. it was super awkward. hahaha but we just started talking to her and she invited us back. we went looking for her house but couldnt find it. then we passed her in the street again and asked why we didnt stop by… we explained that we couldnt find it.. she gave us better directions and we went back looking. we got to the house and asked if it was right. there was a guy sitting outside staring at his phone laughing.. and to get to the house you ahve to walk down this huge drive way. he was like no this isnt her house but she lives next door! i felt the strongest impression to talk to him more.. but it was awkward.. i freezed up and we just thanked him and left. as we left i was like.. “ah why didnt we talk to him more?” sister f was like.. “idk because he seems crazy?” hahaha we found the right house but she wasnt home.. we started walking back and as we were about to pass his house again i got the same impression. talk to him. but it was so weird! its not like you just pass the house! you have to walk down the drive way. so i just kept walking then i looked at my planner and read the quote i placed there a few weeks back. “each day brings a new page to write on. live so that every page says, “im glad i did.” not “i wish i had.” i prayed for courage and an opportunity. over his mountain drive way we heard. “was she not home?!” we walked down the hill a little.. and i was like. “no! but can we share this invite wiht you super fast?!”  him.. “ofcourse!” sister f looked at me like.. what on earth are you doing?! hahahah i just shrugged. we walked down the mountain (haha) and started talking to him. we told him who we are and what we do. he just stared at the invite we gave him. after what seemed like an eternity he was like.. “yeah. ofcourse you can come back. we are needing it anyways.” he then began telling us how he found out he had cancer a few weeks ago and the doctors arent expecting much more time for him. and he was like.. and you know what? im not even a little bit worried. he began talking about how happy he is for living the life he lived. and that everyday is our day. we get to chose how our day goes… we can chose to be upset and grumpy. or we can chose to wake up smile and say “today will be a good day.” then he talked about how our decisions affect other people. and our decisions can affect generations. he said he wants his family to remember him as a happy man. because happiness is courage. he talked about how everyday is a gift and we get to ask. what are we going to do with it? it was so amazing talking to him. and feeling his sweet spirit! I learned alot from him! we are going to visit him and his wife tonight! im excited. i walked away full of gratitude. im so blessed that i recieved that impression.. and that heavenly father gave me the strength to act.  we left and sister f stopped and sat on a bench and said and started crying. ” he said exactly waht ive been needing to hear.” i wont write everything. but turns out sister f has been struggling with some few things about the mission and i had no idea. and i never would have known if it wasnt for our talk with zelmir (the guy we had just done a contact with.) now im able to help her out and she recieved an answer to her prayers. God truly does work in mysterious ways.
another mini miracle..
we got home after zone conference and i realized the next day my study journal wasnt with us.. it has all of my spiritual experiences and thoughts. i called the elders if they saw it when they were cleaning up. they said no.. but went back and searched everywhere. i think they looked for more than an hour! and it was no where to be found. i was super sad! ahh all my experiences!:( i prayed that it would show up. then two days later i got a call from elder and he was like…. you wont believe where we found it. as they were leaving sacrament meeting it was simply on top of the bench. that they had already looked there! they searched over an hour in the sacarment room. i was sooo happy! they still dont know how it got there!
sunday night our appointments fell through.. it was dark.. cold and raining. and we had nothing to do… so what do we do? knock doors! hhahahahah we were walking like.. who is crazy enough to walk in this wet cold.. us! the streets had no one! then we heard voices behind us.. it was two members from our ward… they had umbrellas and riding their bikes. the stopped us to say hi and told us they were going to do their visits… we saw them 3 times that night! they went and visited some of our recent converts and less actives! i am so grateful for members that do their callings. it was freezing raining and sunday nihgt.. and there they were right along with us doing the lords work. members rock my socks!
funny contact of the week…
“hi can we share an invite with you?”
“invite about what?”
“jesus christ”
“amen!!” and she walked away. hahahahhahhahhaha
anywho! love you all bunches! i hope you have a great week!
2 corinthians 12:9-10
and he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. most gladly. therefore will i rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of christ may rest upon me.
10. therefore i take pleasures in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for christs sake;
For when i am weak, then am i strong.
this scripture reminded me of this week. i  saw many people passing through hard things with smiles on their faces and god on their side.
ether 12:27
for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will i make weak things become strong unto them.

Dear Elsa.. could you warm it up just a little?

If it wasnt for my blonde hair, blue eyes, height, and accent I could totally pass as a brasilian!

I used to say i wanted to get transfered to lages (the coldest part of our mission) but im taking it back now! im in joinville.. the hotest zone in our mission and im dying of cold! im no longer utahn… also… I had to teach sister Ferreira how to make brigadeiro (brazilian desert).. and shes brazilian! and I made tapioca! everyone jokes around that im from the Bahia.. a state here in brazil…. and they are famous for tapioca! its this weird powder stuff that you put in a pan and it turns into sort of a tortilla… i dont know how to explain it.. but its food and its good! im getting my brazilian cooking skills on! sooo close to being brazilian 😉
its so cold. so cold! during the day its fine because theres sun.. but exactly at 5 the sun hides behind the mountains and in the snap of a finger its freezing! and its not like at home where you get home to a warm house and a warm shower. our apartement is colder inside than outside… and its so cold our shower isnt heating up anymore! im so grateful my mom sent me a heating blanket thing.. but its super cold. i never thought it would actually get cold here!
Other than the freezing cold.. which i really cant complain because its better than the heat… this week was great!
Angela is amazing. like always…. i just want you all to know that she prays for you guys all the time. every prayer she says she asks that my family will be safe and happy. shes the sweetest person ever.
Josue is good too! gettign ready for baptism! hes participating in church like hes already a member! him and a bunch of members went to joinvilles soccer game the other day.. they are all “bros” now hahahahahaha.
A few weeks ago we started teaching a new family. we left them the pamflet and a chapter out of the book of mormon to read.. which normally no one actually reads. its really frustrating. but we got there.. and angelica was like.. i read! i read it all! and she was sooo excited about it. she pretty much taught the plan of salvation to us! it was so cool. lessons are so much better when they read before. the spirit was so strong. im excited to see what will happen! shes loving it. shes like.. im learning so much!
Yesterday a member in our ward gave his fairwell talk. He was baptised a few years ago with his dad and brother. but his mom wasnt baptized. He sent in his mission papers and his mom lost it. She was not happy at all. She told him that if he went on his mission he could say goodbye to her and they wouldnt have contact for the rest of her life. But he couragesly turned in his mission papers. he didnt talk about this.. i only know this because the sisters were teaching his mom. but now she doesnt want them going ot her house more. He leaves this week to the MTC…. and im sure its the hardest thing he has ever done.. but he knows what he must do. he talked about the path that god has set before us.
1 nephi 3:7
” and it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the lord hath commanded, for i know that the lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.”
Nephi had already passed through so much traveling through the wilderness with his family.. then god commanded him to return to jerusalem  to get the plates.. that were in the hands of labban.. who was their enemy.. who most likely wouldnt just give them up. But he went. he marched right back to suffering through the wilderness arived there.. and just as expected labban didnt give up the plates. Nephi easily could have gone back to tell his dad.. .dad it didnt work. i tried. in fact.. that was the easier thing to do! but he knew that god had prepared a way.. because he commanded it. But nephi went again. until he got the plates. and of course he succeded. god was on his side!
just like this young man preparing to go on his mission.. the easier thing for him to do… stay home. make his mom happy and still have her in his life. But theres something he understands.. that his mission is a commandment.. and gods prepared the way. “they way” isnt going ot be a walk in the park.. no one ever said that eternal life was easy! but there is only one way. and that way will have a lot of bumps! but God has prepared it.. so we just have to take it.and trust it. this member doesnt know whats going to happen with him and his mom. as of right now he knows that entering the MTC wednesday is the end of his relationship with his mom but the start of the way that has been prepared. and he is faithfully and courageously taking it.
John 14 :27
Peace i leave with you, my peace i give unto you: not as the world giveth, give i unto you. let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afriad.
God his truly with him as he is taking this huge step. and it gods way that we will have peace and happiness and thats something the world cant give. The world can give happy moments.. but happiness and happy moments are a differnt story. when we are walking the way he has prepared we dont need to be afraid.. because he has promised that it will all work out. and i know it always will.
alma 37:44 “for behold it is as easy to give heed to the word of christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss…..”
45 “… shall the words of christ, IF we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow into a far better land of promise.”
I know that our father in heaven has prepared the way. Its what he wants! he wants us to return to his presense. He has given us his gospel for that very reason. and when we fall short, we have the attonement of our loving savior. His way may not always be the easy way. but whats right normally s always the harder thing to do. But i know that if we take His way we can have this “eternal Bliss” and we will have success!
In the end, it will all work out.. if its not working out.. thats just because its not the end yet

One year older and wiser too

Yet one more amazing week here on the mish! Just for breaking news. me and sister f (aka sister ferreira) are staying together one more transfer! hahahahahhhahahha for those of you who have served or who understand transfers will understand.. that this is unheard of! 5 transfers together!!!!!! normally you only stay with a comp for 2! we are joking that our pictures fell off the transfer board and so president doesnt even know we exist (totally joking.. but sometimes i have my doubts….) but im so happy! shes so great. and we work so well together! so hey! who needs transfers?! the other sister are staying too! ive been with sister pomponio and sister f for 6 months and sister rocha for 4 and a half! who knows… i could end my mission with them! imagine!
I got bit by a dog! that was super uneventful.. literally. ive secretly wanted to be bitten.. because thats an awesome mission story. we were walking … and this angry dog starts running at us.. but this happens all the time so i didnt think anything of it… then he jumps up and bites my arm!!! but i had two jackets on so it did nothing.. then the owner came out and started yelling at him. sooo.. i got bit.. but its not a blood story.. so its not that exciting. i dont have the marks to proove it!

our family from the north moved back to the norht 😦 i was so sad. but we left them with the book of mormon… so im hoping one day.. who knows right? i dont even want to finish writing this email my hands hurt from the cold! they dont have ac or heaters in this country.. and its freezing. i can see my breath. so crazy a few weeks ago i was compaining about the ehat….. i dont understand brazil hahahaha.

but ill keep going… it wasnt easy for them to wrtie the book of mormon on golden plates either…

So i officially have ayear on the mission.. i dont understand how that happened!!! i feel like ive been on my mission for a week.. yet an eternity. a week in time but in growth.. an eternity. we celebrated with a huge pizza (thanks dad) and açai´! i have pictures 🙂 ive been super emotional this week…. i bought heathly whole grain cookies.. that tasted a little like dirt. im trying ot be healthy hahahah and they were super expensive… i left them in a bag under a table at church for a meeting.. then i come back 10 minutes later and they are gone! some little kid robbed them! i got home and started crying hahahahahhaha sister f was like.. .ive never seen you cry! let me get my camera! hahahhahahahah i feel the love! she was like.. youre really just crying because you have a year on your mish huh? one year emotions! then at lunch a members daughter was watching a good dinsaour and the dad dinsasour died and i started crying at lunch ahhahahahahahah sister f just started laughing. IM SO SAD I HAVE A YEAR 😦 because i know how fast its just going ot keep flying.

I remember 2 weeks before angelas baptism.. it was fast sunday. adn we were like.. go bare your testimony! she was like.. no way i will ever do that!!!
yesterday… she got up and bore her testimony! the spirit was SO strong. you guys shes one of the shyest girls i have ever met. but the young womens president ahs really taken her under her wing and shown so much love! it has helped angela so much. im so grateful for people who really do their calling. it makes such a huge diffence. it was such a sweet spirit during sacrament. she was like.. im so grateful for the church. being a member has already changed my life. i know who i am. and i know my father in heaven loves me. she is such a blessing. ah. the love i have for her! im so grateful to know her and be part of her conversion. shes helping strengthen my testimony aswell!

This really has been the best year of my life. im so grateful for my mission. I never thought i would love it as much as i do. it was the best decision i have ever made. ive never felt so close to our father in heaven. and im so blessed to be part of His work here. I know he is always with us through the good, great, bad and awful. im grateful for all of those moments. the good to know the diffence of the bad.. and the bad because of the growth ive seen. ive seen so many miracles and have seen lives change. but the most change ive seen is with myself! im so grateful for my testimony. mission.. best thing ever.

in preach my gospel the first presidency wrote.
“wecompliment you on the great opportunity you have to be a missionary. there is no more compelling work than this, nor which brings greater satisfaction. the lord will reward and richly bless you as you humbly and prayerfully serve him.” then at the end they say:
” more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children.”

i can now understand this happiness they talk about! i remember before the mission in mission prep our teacher asked.. why are you serving? in my joruanl i wrote.. “to help other people!” but never did i imagine it bringing fun times.. or happiness….
i remember people saying.. wow you are leaving everything behind! you will miss out on so much! i believed it. i remember returned missionaries saying “the best two years..” i didnt believe it. i wanted to! but i thought they were crazy hahaha.

matt 10:39
“he that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake, shall find it.”

“losing” my life is the best thing ive done for my life. this is something we all have the opportunity to do! whether at home or in the misison field. we can leave our lifes behind, stopthinking about our selfs and serve. I never will forget my young womens president “losing” her life for me. or the young womens president here. “losing” her life for angela. and i know.. that when we serve our heavenly father with pure love, we really will find our lifes. and whats truly important in this life! because what i thought was important to what i know now is important is completly different. im so grateful for the lessons ive learned. and the lessons ill keep learning. its not the easiest thing ive ever done, but by far, the must fufilling. I know that christ lives, and that this is his church! im so grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity i have to share these precious truths with His children.
love you all!
– Sister George

The kinder eggs from the kinder egg store

I dont know if I told you guys about Eric.. hes a son of a member and he has 3 years. Hes super smart.. and a pain. hahahaha our second week here we had lunch at their house and he took a nail and almost stabbed his eye out on accident! so i was like.. whoa little one.. and i took it from him. he got super mad at me.. told me im the worst and never talked to me again.. seriously everyweek at church he said hi to all the sisters and looked at me. and was like.. ” i wont say hi to you no!” so i had a game plan to get him to like me.. and i bought him a transformers kinder egg…. who doesnt love kinder eggs? we got to their house.. he said hi to sister f then just looked at me and was like.. nope not for oyu. then i was like.. eric.. if i give you something will you like me? he was like.. depends. i showed him the kinder egg and he freaked out! he was like yep!! hahahahah then he wanted to say the prayer before lunch.. “”please bless the eldereys (elders he thinks we are all elders) and the kinder egg piggy george (my name to him because of peppa piggy) gave me that she bought at the kinder egg store.” we were all dying laughing. so cute. but i have bad news.. they came out with sport kinder eggs for the olympics.. i now will have to collect all of those too.. why must they be so addicting?!?

we had a lesson at a less actives.. and a ton of her family members were visiting. they all freaked out when they heard my accent. then the flood of questions. mostly from the kids but some from adults…
“wait.. you guys speak english there? like no portuguese at all?”
“are there cats in america?”
“whats it like in japan?” hahahahahahah they think that i know everywhere jsut because im not from brazil. good times… ill miss these questions after the mish.
Sister ferreira (sister F) has many talents… and many great attributes.. one of those being. every. single. drunk guy we see… wants to marry her. hahahahahah we had a lesson with kel a recent convert here. (fyi.. one of the greatest people ive ever met.) and her father in law was visitng. and he was super drunk. and he was saying goodbye.. gave me a hand shake.. then got to sister f and gave her a hand shake then didnt let go. kel was like.. dont even think about hugging her shes not aloud too! he was like.. im not gonna hug her! sike! im hugging her! then he went in for a huge drunk hug hahahahahah sister fs face was priceless. like some little kid eating sour candy and her hands to her side stiff as a board! kel was like.. LET GO ARE YOU CRAZY! he was like. .crazy for her! then kissed her hand and left hahahahahah
next day we had to wake up super early to go to florianopolis to renew my visa (cant believe thats already happening.. how does the mission go by so fast?!) and we were at the bus station and these homeless drunk guy sits right next to sister f and just starts asking quesitons about the church.. but gets closer adn closer to her. he stops and is like.. wow your really pretty. he looks at me.. shes really pretty huh? me- nope nope not even a little! he turns to her again.. you can convert me and then we can get hitched… i want 10 kids. im trying not to laugh to egg on the situation.. .sister f is super uncomfortable but also trying not to laugh.. then the lady next to me was like. .stand up and walk away! sister f did.. then he followed her.. he was like.. come away with me! the lady.. NO WAY! shes staying right here with me and you are walkingaway. hahahahahahahahhaha the lady was like.. mygoodness.. bus stations and ladies of god.. never a good mix. we talked with her after.. super nice.. butnot interested. shes still our  gaurdian angel of the bus station.
the next day we were wlaking.. then all of a sudden a drunk guy comes up behind us… wow.. beautiful jehovas witnesses! then he was like.. to sister f.. how old are you? are you single?
my goodness. all day. everyday. hahahahhahaha
We had a lesson with josue.. we were super nervous because it was the word of wisdom.. the only thing that would stop him form wanting to be baptised. and we hadnt met with him for 2 weeks because he has been traveling. we have been praying all week! so we start teaching.. and at one point im like.. so there are 5 things that god has asked we dont use… i name off all of the things.. but i only have 4 fingers up… i stop and look at my hand and im like.. wait.. where the fifth one? he just starts laughign and sister f too! we can teach lessons normally all day.. and every lesson we have with him is alwasy so awkward hahahahahhahaha. i dont know what happened but it was super funny. he stopped for a second after the lesson. .and he wasl ike.. idk this is all new for me… but i agree 100% ive seen so many people with so many problems because of these things. we had to move back his baptism for him to have time to quit smoking. he his seriously so elect. Its like we dont have to do anything! we just teach (awkwardly) and he acts! he is so great. during church too he was making comments during sunday school and the teacher was like.. wow you are reading my mind! everyone thinks he has been a member for years!! and he is getting baptised in a month! it really isnt us misisonaries who prepares people.. there really are the elects that have been prepared by god to recieve the restored gospel!
neide has been good.. but she hasnt been reading or going to church. angela is the one that walks with iara and udjadson. we called her sunday morning to see if she wanted a ride from a member. she was like.. no i have a head ache and im sick. so we were like.. okay we will see you tuesday then! seh called us back 20 minutes later. she was like.. no i want to go. can you ask them to give me a ride? she got to church and she was like.. i started to sleep again.. and i heard a voice.. you need to go to church. so i did! it was so awesome. and she told us she has been living the word of wisdom for 3 weeks now! ahhH! so exciting 🙂 also! so we have a goal to always be searching for new investigators.. this means alot of knocking doors… and we normally find news everyweek! its super great. but alot of the new people dont have a lot of interest. its about 1 in 15 that progress. but one of them that we taught one time 3 weeks ago.. israel went to church!!! everytime we went to his house he wasnt home. he was taught by missionaries years ago. and he was like.. one of the elders sent me a message on face book and was like..go to church! so i went! so cool. misisonaries being missionaries even with out a name tag. we need more members like this! so great. so many miracles here..
we are getting transfer calls this week. im hoping i dont get transfered. i have to see josue get baptised and we are meeting so many amazing families! awhile back i wasl ike.. eh i could use a change. but now im like.. i hope me and sister f stay together. if we do it will be almost 8 months together! but i love her! and we work so great togehter.ah im so nervous for transfer calls! i dotn want anything to change!:(  but everything that needs to happen will! should be interesting!
anywho! love you all!!!
until next week 🙂